Winston can help you fight your ticket today!


No more taking time off work or wasting a morning to file your ticket. With premium delivery services, Winston will find the right forms and file them for you. *Available for free with any valid promotional code for a limited time.


By automating the process, Winston is able to help you for free. Even Winston's premium services are priced at pennies on the dollar of a lawyer's fee.


Winston will equip you with the information you need to understand your case and make a smarter decision, all available in one convenient place.


Finding the right legal professional can be difficult. Luckily, Winston will connect you with vetted paralegals in your area for a free consultation on your case.


Using Winston today gives you access to new features to further help you in the coming months at no extra cost.

Why fight your ticket?

Demerit points on your license

Points can lead to license suspension, which can be disastrous for your driving record, and your life.

Soaring insurance rates

A first conviction can raise your insurance by 15%. A suspension can raise it by 100%. This can add up to thousands of dollars!

Reduce your fine

Just showing up will usually help you get a deal. Don't pay the full amount— get your ticket reduced or thrown out completely.

It's your right to fight!

You are entitled to have your say in court. Don't waste your chance!

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