To Service and Collect: Are Toronto Police Issuing More Tickets?

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To Service and Collect: Are Toronto Police Issuing More Tickets?

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for a police officer to simply issue a warning and send you back along your merry way.

Nowadays, that seems to never be the case. Instead, you're much more likely to find yourself with a fistful of hefty fines and a head spewing with questions.

Although critics say the problem is growing across Canada, the situation seems to be at its worst in Toronto.

In 2012, the Police issued over 600,000 traffic violations in Ontario. However, a staggering 200,000 or 35% of these tickets were issued in Toronto alone.

With so much emphasis on traffic enforcement, a simple task like filing a ticket has become a painstakingly long and arduous process.

32-year-old Nancy, a longtime resident of Toronto, complained about the disarray in the courts. “There’s just papers everywhere,” she sighed.

“Court clerks aren’t even trying to help. I asked one clerk how I can fight my ticket and she replied with ‘what do I know, I just work here.’” she told reporters Monday.

Critics say the system has always been dysfunctional. It works against the average joe that can’t afford to take time off work to simply file a ticket, let alone contest one

in court. The problem is exacerbated when most people that get a ticket don’t understand the process or the consequences of simply paying it. Demerit points can quickly pile up and insurance rates can skyrocket within a blink of an eye.

Enter: Winston!

Developed by a handful of eager law students, Winston is a free-to-use automated chatbot designed to help people fight any traffic ticket from the comfort of their home.

“Winston is for the father of two who didn’t turn their hazard lights on in front of the daycare centre, the accountant who doesn’t know she has a valid defence and chose to just pay the fine instead, and the grandfather who can’t take a day off work to go file his ticket,” said Zhang Wu, the founder of Winston.

With so many tickets handed out each year, Wu worries that the people of Toronto aren’t getting the help they deserve.

“People shouldn’t have to take the day off work just to grab a number and sit in a courthouse for hours. Winston can do that for you, and help you prepare to defend your case in front of a court.”

Winston makes it effortless to order and file court documents, track your case, and even sends you key reminders. Even more, Winston will guide you through your case and the court process step-by-step in a way that is easy to understand using images and videos.

Winston levels the playing field for those who wish to represent themselves in traffic court.

Try Winston for free for a limited time only by hitting the button below!

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