2.3 Disclosure

2.3 Disclosure

There are a variety of online forms you may use to request disclosure—but we recommend you use the forms we have prepared, which are available free of charge, as each courthouse has a different process for requesting disclosure. If you want, we can send in your disclosure for you for a couple of dollars using our online disclosure request system.

What is Disclosure?

You cannot possibly know the prosecutor’s entire case against you until you order your disclosure.

Disclosure includes material like the notes the officer took while pulling you over which he or she will most likely refer to on the stand at trial. Photographs and video evidence may also be included in your disclosure.

Many people find it difficult to make sense of their disclosure. Click here for help understanding your disclosure.


If the prosecution decides to rely on witnesses, your disclosure should include the contact information for each witness. It can be helpful to contact witnesses to find out information that could be raised at trial or to see if they have any information that could be useful to your case. You can try to arrange to interview a witness and, if the witness seem comfortable with you, you can ask them to consent to you recording them.