Invalid Permit


If you have received an invalidated permit ticket then you are being charged under section 7 of the Highway Traffic Act. 
Section 7 of the Highway Traffic Act states that:
No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless:
(a) there exists a currently validated permit for the vehicle AND;
(b) there are displayed on the vehicle, in the prescribed manner,
  • (i) number plates issued in accordance with the regulations showing the number of the permit issued for the vehicle, OR;
  • (ii) number plates described in subsection (7.2) if the vehicle is an historic vehicle and the Ministry has issued a currently validated permit for it; AND
(c) evidence of the current validation of the permit is affixed, in the prescribed manner, to

  • (i) one of the number plates mentioned in subclause (b) OR;
  • (ii) to a mini-plate attached to the number plate exposed on the rear of the vehicle, if number plates described in subsection (7.2) are displayed on the vehicle.  
Basically, under section 7, you are being charged with one, two, or all of the following:
(i) not having a valid vehicle permit;
(ii) not having a valid or visible license plate;
(iii) not having a valid or visible license plate sticker. 

All that the prosecutor needs to prove is that you did not have a currently validated permit, license plate, or a currently up-to-date license plate validation sticker (one showing the date of expiry and one that is not expired) when you were pulled over. Your license plates must be valid and be visible. A licence plate sticker is put on a licence plate to confirm that your license plates are valid. In most cases, license plate stickers are placed on the top right corner on the rear license plate. Most stickers are valid for one or two years. Usually, a sticker expires on a driver’s birthday.

By law, you are required to carry your vehicle permit with you when you drive. This is usually a green piece of paper. You are required to produce this permit upon being pulled over. Photocopies of a permit will not be sufficient, your original must be carried with you. You must also have up-to-date validation stickers affixed to your vehicle permit.

Meeting with the prosecutor and showing them that you indeed had/have a validated permit can be beneficial. Often, they will drop your charge.

Additional Facts:

Beginning 180 days before your license plate sticker expires, you can log online to renew it. You cannot renew it online after a sticker expires. Know that you must pay all and any outstanding driving fines you have (i.e. speeding convictions, careless driving convictions) before you can renew your licence plate sticker.