1.1b General Negotiation Tips

General Negotiation Tips

Remember, the goal of the prosecutor is to get you to plead guilty. Understand this—and work with them to get the results you want (lower fine, lower points). Let them know that you’re interested in resolving the matter!

While the prosecutor may have have some general ideas on what happened, they may not have the full story (it’s possible they may not even have access to the officer’s notes). This is a chance for you to explain what happened!

It can often be a good idea to bring up your personal circumstances, such as low income, a need to support your family, or anything else that could make them sympathetic to your situation. Own up to your mistake, and you'd be surprised at how cooperative the prosecution can be.

Do nots

Do not use excuses (I was speeding, but…). These will not work except under very exceptional circumstances.

Do not under any circumstances, get aggressive with the prosecutor. Being polite goes a long way!

What if I don’t get the deal I want?

If you don’t get the deal you want, you still have the option of going to trial

If you choose to do this, be sure to order disclosure, to see if they have a case against you. You have a right to do so!