3.2 Pre-Trial Motions

3.2 Pre-Trial Motions

Once your case is called, the prosecutor will ask that you come up to the stand. This is the time for you to make any motions you want to before the trial begins. By making a motion, you are requesting the Justice to make a ruling, direction, or order on your case.

Keep in mind that motions can be made at any time, but don’t overuse them!

If you wish for an adjournment (changing your trial date to a later date), this is the time to do it! It is strongly recommended that you look into this.

To request an adjournment, tell the Justice,

  • “Your Worship, I would like to request an adjournment of this matter, because...
    • Example: I was not provided with disclosure in a timely manner and did not get a chance to properly review it.

Before you plead, you may request either a stay or a quash, either of which could result in your case being dropped.

If you do not get an adjournment, your charge will be read out to you, and you will be asked to plead either guilty or not-guilty.